A list of archaeologically related publications is provided here. Links to some of these are provided below. In some cases these are draft versions of the published paper.

Beardah C.C. and Baxter M.J. (1996) The archaeological use of kernel density estimates. Internet Archaeology 1. AVAILABLE HERE

Baxter M.J. and Beardah C.C. (1996) Beyond the histogram – improved approaches to simple data display in archaeology using kernel density estimates. Archeologia e Calcolatori 7, 397-408. AVAILABLE HERE

Baxter M.J., Beardah C.C. and Wright R.V.S (1997) Some archaeological applications of kernel density estimates. Journal of Archaeological Science 24, 347-354. AVAILABLE HERE

Cool, H.E.M. and Baxter, M.J. (1999) Peeling the onion: an approach to comparing vessel glass assemblages. Journal of Roman Archaeology 12, 72-100. AVAILABLE HERE

Cool, H.E.M. and Baxter, M.J. (2005) Cemeteries and significance tests. Journal of Roman Archaeology 18, 397-403. AVAILABLE HERE

Baxter, M.J. (2008) Cluster analysis. In Liritzis I. (ed.),  New Technologies in the Archaeognostic Sciences, Gutenberg Press, Athens, Greece, 445-481. (Paper and book are published in Greek) English version AVAILABLE HERE

Baxter, M.J. and Cool, H.E.M. (2008) Notes on the statistical analysis of some loomweights from Pompeii. Archeologia e Calcolatori 19, 49-66. AVAILABLE HERE

Baxter, M.J. and Cool, H.E.M. (2010) Correspondence analysis in R for archaeologists: an educational account. Archeologia e Calcolatori 21, 211-218. AVAILABLE HERE

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